Specialty Treatments

Dr’s. Magusiak, Morgan & Brown are proud to announce that we now have a periodontist and endodontist on staff.               Dr. Paulomi Shah has now been with our practice over five years as our endodontist and is available three days a week to treat any of our patients endodontic needs.

Dr. Janet Hiers came on staff in early 2017 as our Periodontist and dental implant specialist.  She is available  3 days a week for your peridontal needs. Dr. Hiers is a graduate of Medical College of Georgia and excited to be a a part of this practice.  

Drs. Jody Morgan and Janet Hiers both perform conscious sedations, and Dr. Hiers can also administer intravenous sedations. Our office also now offers nitrous oxide sedation in most operatories.